Benefit values and consumer behaviour

Summary of research how WTP benefit values link to consumer behaviour

Are consumers willing to pay for environmental economics?

An article by Iain McGuffog first published in The Business Economist vol 36 no 1

A new UK economic policy

Econo-my.com sets out some ideas for a new economic and industrial policy for the U.K.

New Economy, New Economics?

Does the boom in the the dot com and IT industry represent some sort of new economic environment or can it be rationally explained using existing economics? At the same time we will also look at creating an industrial policy for the new economy and look at some of the steps government should take to assist its development.


Economic Performance Measurement of Customer Service

We look at how companies can build economic models that help with performance measurement - in particular in measuring their customer service.


Economics of sustainability

Our latest work in progress looks at what sustainability means for economic growth

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